How Amazon seeks to speed up shipping

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How Amazon seeks to speed up shipping

Amazon wants its current employees to consider a career shift

Amazon is now offering its employees a new way to work for the company.

The Seattle-based retailer has proposed that its employees quit their jobs and start their own delivery services through Amazon. According to The Associated Press, the offer comes as Amazon seeks to speed up its shipping time from two days to one for its Prime members.

Amazon sees the new incentive as a way to get more packages delivered to shoppers’ doorsteps faster. The company also says it will cover up to $10,000 in startup costs for employees who are accepted into the program and leave their jobs. The company says it will also pay them three months’ worth of their salaries.

The new employee incentive is part of a program Amazon started a year ago that let anyone launch an independent Amazon delivery business.

According to Associated Press, more than 200 Amazon delivery businesses have been created since it launched the program last June, said John Felton, Amazon’s vice president of global delivery services.

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