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Highland Village Reserve

The story of Highland Village Reserve™

The best 100% Arabica coffees are grown in mountainous regions at high altitudes. In these “highlands,” small family farmers meticulously tend their coffee crops year after year. Highland Village Reserve™ coffees are sourced from the world’s premier coffee regions, where the high altitudes and temperate climates allow the coffee cherries to grow to peak ripeness for a full flavored coffee.

Sourcing these superior coffees at origin means that our buyers get first choice of the finest, hand-picked 100% Arabica coffee beans. Naturally dried in the sun’s warmth, our super premium coffees are expertly milled to create the purest cup available.

With three generations of coffee expertise, Highland Village Reserve™ 100% Arabica coffees are precisely roasted to maximize the flavor of each bean, producing a smooth, memorable cup of coffee every time.

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