Health-E Commerce to expand private label Caring Mill

Caring Mill, a private label line of medical products, has expanded into over-the-counter medication to better meet customer needs.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Health-E Commerce, the parent brand of online marketplaces,, and, has announced that its private-label Caring Mill brand has been expanded to include a line of over-the-counter generic medications. 

Caring Mill is a popular line of health products available only on Health-E Commerce sites and that benefit Children's Health Fund. Currently, the line includes products like thermometers, ice packs, first aid kits, blood pressure monitors, wraps and braces, and more. The new Caring Mill OTC product line will be available for purchase on all Health-E Commerce sites starting September 1.

"Consumers spend an average of about $338 per year on OTC products," said Rida Wong, president of Health-E Commerce. "Our new line of Caring Mill OTC medications will give healthcare consumers top-quality products at lower price points than national brands, allowing consumers to stretch their dollars farther while caring for their everyday health.

Consumers will find the generic version of familiar OTC essentials such as acid reflux medicines, nasal spray, mucus thinners, cough suppressants, and common pain relievers like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium among the new Caring Mill products. The new medications will meet four main needs: pain relief, cold & flu, allergy & sinus, and digestive health.

"Health-E Commerce is committed to meeting the ever-changing healthcare needs of the more than 70 million consumers who are enrolled in flexible savings accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA), and our Caring Mill OTC product line is the latest example of this," said Wong. "We will continue to support the expansion of FSAs and HSAs for the categories our consumers are asking for, and this recent change went a long way in allowing account holders to use their funds wisely on affordable, high-quality healthcare products like Caring Mill OTC medications."