GTFO, It's Vegan adds new samosa to own brand collection

The vegan e-tailer has added a new plant-based, dairy-free steak and egg samosa to its Great Foods, It's Vegan collection.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Vegan online retailer GTFO, It’s Vegan has quickly followed up its latest product release with another.

The retailer recently expanded its own brand collection with a line of vegan tuna, salmon, sailfish and calamari sashimi. Now, GTFO, It’s Vegan has announced the latest addition to its Great Foods, It’s Vegan own brand line: the Steak ‘N JUST Egg Samosa.

"Expanding our private label line of products is a key component of our growth strategy,” said Marc Pierce, CEO and co-founder of the company. “We are fortunate to have so many great vendor partners that are eager to collaborate with us to launch new, never seen before vegan and plant-based innovations."

The new breakfast item features vegan plant-based steak and Indian spices alongside JUST Egg, the most popular plant-based, dairy-free egg alternative. The item expands Great Foods, It’s Vegans’ existing line of samosas, which includes Impossible Burger Meat & Cheese, Chick’n, and vegetable. The new item can be purchased for $11.99.

"We are extremely excited about our new collaboration with GTFO It's Vegan,” said Matt Riley, senior vice president of global partnerships at Eat Just, the manufacturer of JUST Egg. “GTFO provides us with the ability to quickly reach an extensive base of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumers to rapidly test and learn about consumer preferences and fuel the next innovations in our product portfolio."

GTFO, It’s Vegan, an online retailer, wholesaler and distributor, specializes in vegan and plant-based foods from all around the world, including meat, seafood, cheese and dairy, bakery, snacks, and more. The company launched at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in May of 2020 by husband and wife team Marc and Tanya Pierce, and now carries over 2,800 vegan and plant-based products across 700+ brands

"We have many more products planned with our collaboration with Eat Just,” said Tanya Pierce, president and chief innovation officer for the company. “ Look for our soon to be released Sausage, JUST Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich made with our GTFO fresh based line of vegan brioches."