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Gourmet Pizza Kits


DeIorio’s has created a product that lets anyone bring a gourmet pizza to their table. However you want it, you can make it with a little bit of creativity and DeIorio’s Gourmet Pizza Kits! Releasing late August, these gourmet kits will be ready to purchase and sell to your retail customers.

The gourmet dough in each kit was designed to help customers easily stretch it to any shape and size they like, which means that anyone can be a pizza chef no matter how much experience they have! The round and rectangle gourmet kits come with sauce and cheese, so all customers need are their favorite toppings. But if they have a greater creative itch, the 4-pack retail dough ball can make anything from pizza and Stromboli to sweet desserts!

For customers who aren’t familiar working with raw pizza dough, hosts easy-to-follow Pizza Chef tutorials, including recipe ideas customers can use if they need a little flavor inspiration. They may be making pizza for a fun date night activity, to get the family together, or to have a hands-on dinner. No matter the occasion, their creation will be a unique pizza masterpiece with these kits!

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