Global Cannabinoids offering customization of rare cannabinoids

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Cannabis company Global Cannabinoids is expanding the options for its bulk and wholesale CBD oil, as well as private label products. The Las Vegas-based company now is offering customers the ability to customize their products with specific ratios of rare cannabinoids of their choosing. 

Global Cannabinoids said that it thinks a key part of creating a consistent product and experience is to add precise ratios of rare cannabinoids to products. This offering, it said, will provide the ability for products to target specific effects that can be replicated every time the product is manufactured. 

"Having the ability to provide customers with an exact ratio of cannabinoids in either finished products, concentrates, or raw materials is necessary to ensure that brands can deliver a consistent, replicable, and high-quality user experience each and every time," said Ryan Lewis, chief business developer at Global Cannabinoids.

By offering specific ratios, Global Cannabinoids noted that companies no longer have to rely on full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp oils that contain varying levels of rare cannabinoids with each batch. The ratios can be added to water-soluble CBD powders and liquids, softgels, patches, tinctures, edibles, topicals, skin care and private label products.