Emmi Roth Plans New HQ and Cheese Conversion Facility

The cheesemaker plans to make the cheese conversion facility its new corporate headquarters upon completion in 2023.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Emmi Roth facility

Emmi Roth, a cheesemaker that produces both branded and private label products, is breaking ground on its new headquarters and cheese conversion facility in Stoughton, Wisc.

Located at 1800 Williams Drive, the site will add conversion capabilities, increase distribution capacity and add 100 new local jobs. An official groundbreaking ceremony will be held Thursday, August 4. The new headquarters in Stoughton will add to existing Emmi Roth facility locations in Monroe, Platteville, and Seymour, Wisc.

“This is an exciting chapter in Emmi Roth’s history,” said Tim Omer, President and Managing Director of Emmi Roth. “Thanks to the tireless efforts of our team, we’re proud to be breaking ground in Stoughton, a vibrant farming community which fits with our steadfast commitment to Wisconsin’s dairy industry.”

The 134,000-square-foot facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. In 2021, Emmi Roth acquired the Athenos brand, including the No. 1 feta brand in America, which prompted the need for expanded conversion and distribution capabilities.

“The primary purpose of this facility is cheese conversion,” said Jordan Ehlen, Emmi Roth’s Director of Manufacturing. “Conversion is the process of taking cheeses from their original, larger form, and crumbling, shredding or portioning them into their end form. Conversion allows us to provide different packaging options to customers and consumers, based on their needs – which may be a cup, bag, chunk, wedge or other forms."