Deadline Extended: Store Brands' Product Showcase

Store Brands has added four more weeks to find innovative or best-selling products to feature in its December issue of the magazine.

To coincide with an exciting new event that I will be talking about in the days to come, Store Brands is extending the deadline for its Products Showcase feature, moving it from the November issue into December.

This adds more time to submit products and offerings for the feature with a new deadline of Nov. 22.

With this feature, Store Brands wants to showcase exciting companies and products for retailers to consider developing into programs. Again, products can be new innovations, best-selling items or trending items in hot categories. And it can include services, platforms, packaging types, anything to help retailer's grow their own brand business. Store Brands wants to showcase it all, provide a guide to new inspiration.

Below, share details of a new product or solution for retailers to consider for a private brand rollout or to enhance a private brand program and include a photo. The submissions could be featured in the December issue of the magazine, and during an online product showcase newsletter.

Deadline to submit for consideration is Monday, Nov. 22.