C&S Wholesale Turns To The Cloud To Streamline Operations

The company is partnering with Tata Consultancy Services to develop a new platform using AI and machine learning to better serve its customers and enhance grocery distribution.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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C&S Wholesale Grocers has selected Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to build a new operations platform on Google Cloud as part of an effort to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and enhance customer experience.

Working to reimagine C&S’s operations platform inclusive of customer experience and grocery distribution, TCS will lead the company-wide project and help C&S establish a new cloud-based architecture that will unify its current systems. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), C&S's new operations platform will monitor traffic patterns and identify optimal distribution routes, thereby reducing food waste and achieving greater fuel efficiency.

Company officials said the predictive platform will help C&S provide best-in-class tools and capabilities to its employees to achieve “operational excellence and growth” ― much of which is made possible by bringing self-service solutions to IT and customer service touchpoints. The deployment also will offer C&S the scalability needed to drive long-term business growth.

The new Google Cloud platform will help C&S streamline its operations by providing the infrastructure flexibility to support the company's sustainability initiatives and growth strategy. TCS will help reduce C&S's carbon footprint by migrating its data center workloads to the carbon-neutral infrastructure of Google Cloud.

"With more than 104 years in the rapidly changing grocery industry, the foundation of C&S's success has been our ability to adapt and innovate ahead of market trends to better serve our customers,” said Bob Palmer, CEO, C&S Wholesale Grocers. “It's this legacy that drives our unrelenting focus on innovative go-to-market strategies and customer service. Both TCS and Google Cloud are making it possible to implement a platform that supports our operational sustainability goals to ensure a healthy planet now and for future generations.