Costco’s private brand products ranked

Costco's Kirkland wine's are a must try, according to the magazine.

Membership-based Costco Warehouse’s private brand Kirkland Signature is wowing consumers left and right.

The Issaquah, Wash.-based retailer sells a variety of items in bulk. It also carries its own in-house brand — Kirkland Signature — which helps keep prices low. According to Kiplinger News, a media outlet, the company has continually upped its array of Kirkland products, often produced by the same manufacturers who make the name brands.

Here are the latest 25 Kirkland Brand products that are a must buy at Costco, according to Kiplinger News:

  1. Kirkland animal crackers

  2. Kirkland bacon

  3. Kirkland batteries

  4. Kirkland cashews

  5. Kirkland cheese wheel

  6. Kirkland chicken stock

  7. Kirkland coffee pods

  8. Kirkland diced tomatoes

  9. Kirkland dishwasher pods

  10. Kirkland eggs

  11. Kirkland energy shots

  12. Kirkland food wrap

  13. Kirkland gasoline

  14. Kirkland honey

  15. Kirkland italian sparkling water

  16. Kirkland laundry detergent

  17. Kirkland olive oil

  18. Kirkland peanut butter

  19. Kirkland razor blades

  20. Kirkland rotisserie chicken

  21. Kirkland toilet paper

  22. Kirkland tortilla chips

  23. Kirkland vitamin water

  24. Kirkland vodka

  25. Kirkland wine