Cleveland Kitchen Debuts Fermented Kraut Exclusively At Sprouts

The new Cabbage and Cukes will be sold for a limited time only at stores nationwide.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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Cleveland Kitchen Cabbage & Cukes

Cleveland Kitchen has expanded its assortment of fermented food with the recent launch of its Cabbage and Cukes line exclusively at Sprouts Farmers Market.

Available at Sprouts stores nationwide, the new Cabbage and Cukes kraut is offered in a limited edition 16-ounce pouch sold in the refrigerated product section. 

Made with cabbage, cucumbers and mustard seeds, the kraut is marketed as an add-on for a variety of items including paninis, antipasto, salad, a charcuterie board or to an Italian sausage sandwich.

Company officials said the aim of Cleveland Kitchen is to drive added awareness of fermented foods by developing new products that feature seasonal ingredients and be used in a variety of ways. 

“We are in a time where Americans are becoming more aware of fermentation and understand why it’s so healthy for the gut,” the company told Store Brands in a statement.