Chowhound spotlights nutritious TJ’s choices

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Chowhound spotlights nutritious TJ’s choices

By David Salazar - 02/21/2020

Food blog Chowhound is showcasing some of the private brand items from Trader Joe’s that get the stamp of approval from nutritionist Elizabeth DeRobertis. 

Two of the retailer’s frozen burgers — salmon and chili lime chicken — were on the list, given their low calorie counts and abundance of protein. The article also highlights the company’s Mahi Mahi Burgers and Tuna Burgers. 

For more indulgent shoppers, the article spotlighted Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi for offering a tasty, lower-calorie alternative to a traditionally calorie-heavy option. DeRobertis also chose the retailer’s Mini 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bars, each of which has 100 calories. 

To see the full rundown, click here. 

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