Blue Stripes Hits The Shelves At Whole Foods

The new assortment of upcycled whole cacao food and beverage products include a selection of exclusive products.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes Urban Cacao has launched a selection of upcycled whole cacao food and beverage products at Whole Foods Market nationwide, which includes an assortment of exclusive items.

The launch marks the first nationwide on-premises retail availability for Blue Stripes Urban Cacao, a significant milestone for the brand since its initial direct-to-consumer launch in September 2020. 

The 15 Blue Stripes SKUs available on Whole Foods shelves include:

  • Whole Cacao Granola: Made out of the entire cacao pod - shell, fruit and beans - Blue Stripes’ granola has antioxidant power including Selenium and Polyphenols to protect tissues from Oxidative stress. Your daily cacao crunch in a bowl: cacao nibs, cacao shell flour & 100% cacao chocolate in three varieties: dark chocolate, maple pecan and peanut butter banana 
  • Whole Cacao Trail Mix: The whole cacao mix is made out of the entire cacao pod - shell, fruit and beans - each bag is rich in zinc, magnesium and copper. Included in each bag is the cacao fruit, chocolate covered whole cacao beans and dark chocolate chips.
  • Cacao Water (launching in July): This plant-based water is made from the cacao fruit pulp, an upcycled waste product of the chocolate industry, and is packed with antioxidants including vitamin C. The waters, which doesn't taste like chocolate but rather more like a tropical lemonade with a vanilla twist and come in five different varieties: just cacao; chili, lime & cardamom, passion fruit, mango (exclusive to Whole Foods) and vanilla (exclusive to Whole Foods).
  • Cacao Fruit Smoothies: The vitamin C and polyphenol packed boost for energy is offered in shakes, bowls and smoothies.
  • Dried Cacao Fruit: The fruit can be used for breakfast or a quick snack made from dehydrated cacao fruit from an upcycled cacao pod.

By September, the innovative whole cacao brand will have 15 products (within four different categories) on Whole Food shelves ranging from beverages to cold cereals, snacks and candy. 

"We are thrilled to have a partner like Whole Foods that supports our meaningful mission to change the cacao and chocolate industry for generations to come and bring consumers," said Oded Brenner, the company’s founder.