Betr Remedies makes exclusive retail debut

Co-founded by television actress Ellen Pompeo, over-the-counter medicine brand Betr Remedies is making its retail debut exclusively at Walmart.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Betr Remedies, an over-the-counter medicine brand co-founded by award-winning actress Ellen Pompeo, is making its retail debut this week exclusively at Walmart.

Pompeo is best known for playing Dr. Meredith Grey on "Grey’s Anatomy," and has since become one of the highest-earning television actresses. Since beginning the role in 2005, Pompeo became interested in public health and associated medical costs.

"Life-saving medication is too expensive for too many people," she said. "We should all be looking for ways to do better."

Betr Remedies's product line includes a total of 15 items across pain relief, allergies, digestive issues, and cold and flu symptoms, plus supplements for immunity and hydration. The full assortment of Betr products and the curated pain and allergy bundles are now available at and will roll out to Walmart stores in January 2022.

Betr Remedies are manufactured in the United States, and use a “buy-one, give-one” model aimed at limiting medication waste. For every Betr Remedies product sold, the giveback program managed through SIRUM, a national nonprofit that helps healthcare organizations to donate unused medications, helps redistribute perfectly safe, unexpired medication through select charitable pharmacies in underserved communities across the country. Betr Remedies has pledged to donate 25 million medications to help patients across the country, and provide over $1 billion worth of medicine by 2025 with SIRUM.

"We're excited to collaborate with Betr Remedies as their first retail partner and together, bring new energy to the OTC category," said Maya Bowie, VP of merchandising and wellness at Walmart. "Walmart is committed to helping our customers meet and achieve personal wellness goals, and that includes enhancing our over-the-counter offerings online and in-store. Betr and Walmart are both focused on improving health equity and access in America. Our scale, combined with Betr's brand purpose, will help make a positive impact."