Amazon’s big new idea is free samples

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Amazon’s big new idea is free samples

The company is looking to delight shoppers while leveraging their data

Amazon is planning to send free samples right to the doors of customers, raising some privacy concerns in the age of data mining and detailed digital user profiles, according to CNBC.

“Amazon surprises select customers with samples that we think will be delightful and helpful,” the company says on its website. “It’s like Amazon’s product recommendations, but real, so you can try, smell, feel and taste the latest products. There is no obligation to purchase or review the product and you can opt out at any time.”

According to CNBC, the company will send samples based on a shopper’s purchasing history, according to Axios, which first spotted the program. Amazon markets the feature to brands using its wide swath of user data to “put their products in the hands of the right customers,” Axios reports.

Amazon has been stealthily taking market share of the advertising industry from long-time leaders Facebook and Google. And the company has an advantage in this type of campaign with purchase histories and preferred shipping addresses, according to CNBC.

Amazon did not immediately return request for comment.

To read the CNBC article, click here.

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