Store Brands Private Label State of the Industry Webinar

Store Brands Private Label State of the Industry Webinar is now available on demand!

Private label products have been a major talking point during 2022 as consumers faced a new challenge not experienced for quite some time; inflation. A combination of continued strong demand for products from shoppers and on-going supply chain issues were key factors in prices increasing at rates not seen in a generation. Looking to make ends meet, a growing number of consumers turned to private label products and retailers were prepared to meet those needs.
The increased demand for private label products is offering retailers the opportunity to showcase their own-branded products and feature the quality and high value of these items when compared to national brands.

Now, there is much talk about future opportunities for further growth of private label across the store. But taking advantage of that opportunity requires information that gets into the mind of consumers while also identifying new trends and changes impacting the marketplace.

To help decipher what’s happening across the private label industry, Store Brands is teaming with the experts from FMI - The Food Industry Association to provide updates throughout the year. Using FMI’s exclusive research and insight, we’ll discuss current-day news and events related to private label, highlight shifting consumer and economic trends, and identify the new opportunities for retailers as the year moves forward.

Doug Baker, industry relations vice president with FMI, will share unique insights from FMI about the opportunities and challenges facing retailers and suppliers in the world of private label. He will discuss the current-day business climate, highlight the consumer trends from 2022 that are carrying into the New Year, highlight near-term strategies pertaining to store brands and how the segment can continue growing in the year ahead.