Store Brands Introduces Discovery Day

The Dec. 14 virtual event will include a pitch theater and timely learnings from FMI, The Hartman Group.
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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I wanted to lead this post with an inspirational quote about discovery; ironically, I couldn’t find one. But the point I do want to make — as we inch closer to 2022 — is that now is a great time to close out the year with an eye on discovery, seeking new products, and finding ideas, services and inspirations to carry you into the new year.

Undoubtedly, since the pandemic began nearly two years ago, it’s put a strain on how retailers find new suppliers and communicate with them. In your offices and throughout many organizations, the virtual world has stepped in to fill a void where the in-person has been locked down, and Store Brands has offered some assistance through its newly launched series of Industry Forums.

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However, we're looking to do more and have two opportunities in play.

One, in print, the magazine wants to publish a “Products Showcase” in the December issue of the magazine. Suppliers that want to highlight their best-selling, newest or most innovative products in front of our retailer readers are encouraged to submit here by Nov. 22. All that’s required is a photo of the product and answering a little information on what makes that product standout.

The goal is to help build that December issue into something of a product guide of sorts, and it will be available at the Private Label Trade Show that aims to return in person Jan. 30.

But beyond print, Store Brands has officially designated Dec. 14, 2021 — Discovery Day. Well, it’s a fun way of saying, we’re hosting a virtual event that includes two exciting, insights-driven educational sessions and a cream filling of virtual supplier pitches in between. All held in our virtual theater, suppliers, packaging companies, solutions providers, any company with an innovation that can help retailers build their private brand programs, are encouraged to sponsor and present.

The virtual pitches consist of a pre-recorded, three-minute video that runs on stage in our virtual theater, followed by a live Q&A at the end of the full session that retailers in the audience can ask follow ups if wanted. Ahead of the event, attendees also receive a description on the products or services being pitched. For more information, contact Natalie Filtser at [email protected]

Retailers can register to attend here.

In addition to the pitch day, FMI - The Food Industry Association will share results from its latest Power of Private Brands research on e-commerce, including survey results on where food retailers and suppliers see private brands excelling online and where they fall short.

FMI will open the day with insights on how retailers can improve their e-commerce opportunities, as online shopping will be a major topic in 2022. To close out the day, The Hartman Group will present consumer insights and private brand trends from their research to enlighten attendees and inspire them going forward into a new year.

Store Brands Discovery Day also will invite attendees to virtually network, as the day intends to bring the industry together one last time before that much needed break. A little discovery to drive us all into the new year. And, who knows, maybe during the virtual event, I’ll discover that quote I’m looking for.



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