Maximus Coffee Group rebrands, gets new leadership


Houston-based ECOM Atlantic Inc. said that its subsidiary, Maximus Coffee Group LLC, a supplier of ground and instant coffee products for private labeling, is rebranding to become Atlantic Coffee Solutions.

Atlantic Coffee Solutions, Houston, operates a large soluble coffee facility and the world’s largest chemical-free decaffeination plant. The plant is part of ECOM’s unique sustainable supply chain model, which extends from sourcing in the origins through to sustainable coffee facilities, the company said.

To mark Atlantic Coffee Solutions’ renewal as an ECOM company, ECOM appointed Jorge Esteve as president and co-CEO of Atlantic Coffee Solutions. Esteve replaces Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno, who is leaving the company to pursue other interests. David Martinez, the other co-CEO of Atlantic Coffee Solutions, will continue to serve in his position, the company said.