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Innovation Across the Industry


E.F. Walter’s booth at PLMA.

The company debuted its Candy For Your Feet line at the show.

Non-food items on display at the PLMA 2010 Trade Show ranged from packaging to products to production, but the one thing they have in common: Innovation.

The PLMA 2010 Trade Show was buzzing with new products and success stories. Products, services, and new packaging solutions were found in the non-food category and in Innovation Hall. Many spoke throughout the show about how to market and create products specifically to the needs of the consumers, providing an even more in-depth understanding of what today’s consumer is looking for in store brands.

Out on the show floor, Ranir, Grand Rapids, MI, gave visitors some new products to smile about. This year products included SmileSonic Replacement Brushheads to compare to Philips, which is the second top-selling brand, as well as Abridge cold sore treatment. The treatment doesn’t compare to national brands, but they have done extensive clinical testing to show its effectiveness. Also on display was the Ultra White toothbrush to compare to Colgate MaxWhite, with unique polishing bristles in the brushhead for a naturally whiter smile.

E.F. Walter, Ontario, Canada, established in 1893 and run by a fourth generation family member, provides foot comfort solutions around the world. The company designs, manufactures, packages, distributes and markets a distinct range of insoles, foot comfort accessories and shoe care products to the retail sector throughout the world. The company debuted its Candy For Your Feet line at the PLMA Trade Show, which is a control label brand that is fun and attractive with fantastic margins for the retailer. It offers only the best selling footwear accessory skus and it all comes in a unique corrugated display. It also displayed its numerous products for high heels in colorful eye-catching packages. Its Terra line is specifically designed for the blue collar worker and Terra laces have a fused tip, not a plastic one, so they work longer. “Hardworking people need hardworking products,” is the Terra line motto.

Albaad/Rostam joined forces recently when Albaad, one of the world’s largest wipes suppliers, accuired Rostam, the leading manufacturer of private label tampons for more than 25 years. Rostam will be moving its offices to Reidsville, NC, and was showcasing a new improved grip on its cardboard applicator tampons at the show. The company also showcased its add-in baby lotion wipes. Any of its wipes with gel leave the natural oils on skin and also add moisture back into the skin. This gel technology also gives the company the ability to add more to wipes, from car polish to facial lotion, without stripping away natural oils.

For a number of researched, tested probiotic formulations UAS Laboratories, Inc., Eden Prairie, MN, was certainly the booth to visit. Established in 1979, UAS Laboratories is one of the world’s leading biotechnological companies specializing in research, development, manufacture and marketing of probiotics for human health. This year was a busy one for them, as UAS Laboratories recently acquired all outstanding shares of APN Labs Inc., Wausua, WI, to become the sole owner. APN Labs has become a leading nutraceutical manufacturer and has been operating in the USA for the past 10 years and has its own condition-specific probiotic blends as well as other ingredients.

Additionally, in March, UAS Laboratories introduced of Cran-Gyn DDS, a revolutionary, patent pending new product for women’s health. Cran-Gyn DDS combines the power of DDS probiotics with the highest quality cranberry extract and D-mannose. This powerful trio supports urinary tract health and digestive health, and boosts immunity, while helping to maintain healthy yeast levels.

Tower laboratories LTD., Centerbrook, CT, is the premier effervescent product manufacturer in the U.S. with a product line that includes denture cleanser tablets, antacids, cold medications, laxatives, potassium supplements, instant soft drink tablets and bath tablets. They are offering Effervescent Cold Relief Tablets in orange or original flavor, as well as Effervescent Night Cold Relief Tablets and Effervescent Pain Relief Tablets.

OPTIMUM from Mid-America Bag contains high-recycled plastic content. The company’s Rona Eco bags are compostable and 100% biodegradable for garden waste

FASTechnology Group can implement new processes to existing production lines to produce targeted products, like this Chili with added information about a local high school football player.

Vitacap Labs, Farmingdale, NY, is a turn-key operation, which manufactures private label vitamins and supplements under a strict, GMP-certified manufacturing process, using only the highest quality raw materials. Vitacap is also able to offer small quantities to cater to small companies that want their own supplements.

Quality Home Products, Ontario, Canada, was founded in 1969 and the quality of the company’s liquid detergents, window cleaners, rug shampoos, furniture polishes, oven cleaners and more, rival that of national brands. Over the past 35 years, QHP’s offerings have expanded to include Health & Beauty Care: a diverse array of shampoos, mouthwashes, stick deodorants, skin care, bath care and OTC products. New products offered by QHP include oral laxatives, men’s body sprays, and disposable household cleaning cloths.

Associated Hygienic Products LLC (AHP), Duluth, GA, has been manufacturing, marketing and selling disposable baby diapers and training pants for customers in North America since 1984. AHP works with retailers to create an emotional connection between moms and store brands, while keeping in mind “consumers want the best diaper for the money.”

Fempro, Quebec, Canada, has 25 years of experience in manufacturing feminine hygiene products and is the only manufacturer in North America to produce both private label products and its own brand INCOGNITO. In 2010, Fempro is showing once again its highly efficient skills by being the first to adapt its Odor Control pantiliners with new Purple non-woven barriers, providing a true NBE and an incredibly feminine product. Because one innovation is never enough, the company also adapted its Contour Pantiliners with a completely redesigned shape, new flower pattern and sealing Contour.

 Greener Tomorrows

One company forging the way in greener products that are easy for the typical consumer to understand is Mid-America Bag, Pleasant Prairie, WI. MAB is a key partner and supplier of both branded and private label bags to major retailers throughout Canada and the USA and the company takes an active roll in providing consumers with greener plastic bag options. Their downloadable “three shades of green” white paper helps to simplify products into three levels, which are easier for the consumer to understand. The “three shades of green” includes high-recycled plastic bags, oxo-biodegradable bags, and compostable bags. MAB produces high-recycled plastic content bags for retail partners that include a minimum of 65% recycled material. In addition, the EcoLogo may be licensed for use on clients’ packaging to demonstrate a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled plastic was used to produce the bag. Oxo-biodegradable bags feature a trade-marked additive that enables plastic bags to break down faster than traditional bags. Finally, as the greenest choice, MAB promotes tested and BPI certified 100% compostable resins bags, which will completely degrade in a commercial composting environment.

Cascades, Eau Claire, WI, has been green by nature since 1945. Its tissue paper products include paper hand towels, paper towels, bathroom tissue, napkins and facial tissue. Cascades Enviro 100% recycled fibres are a simple way of helping the environment without compromising quality. The microquilted Cascades Premium bathroom tissue whose packaging is mostly made from recycled plastic and which can be recycled provides you superior quality with extra softness and thickness.

Global Tissue Group, Medford, NY, has created the g3 initiative, an encouragement to the community to Go Globally Green. Global Tissue strives to minimize its carbon footprint and create a positive impact on the earth without sacrificing quality, performance, or softness. Its new products are created using a mix of renewable sources making “tree free” tissue and packaging products. The products rely solely on non-wood fiber. By using agricultural residue, they are solving a waste problem that farmers have faced for many years by providing an additional source of fiber for tissue and packaging products.

Owens-Illinois (O-I), Perrysburg, OH, manufactures consumer-preferred, 100 percent recyclable glass containers that enable superior taste, purity, visual appeal and value benefits for their customers’ products. Established in 1903, pickles, baby food, salsa, peppers, spaghetti sauces, soups and jams are just a few of the categories O-I supplies. In fact, O-I reintroduced glass baby bottles to its product mix in 2008 to address parental concerns about Bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic baby bottles. It also offers stylish internal embossing, direct serve bowels, and in-line UV curable organic coatings. The company has also partnered with specialty soup maker Bookbinder Specialties, as the company introduces its new line of all-natural, gourmet vegetable soups packaged in glass.

The largest synthetic paper manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere, Yupo Corporation America, Chesapeake, VA, continues to create 100-percent recyclable synthetic paper that uses no trees, no toxins and very little water in its creation. Its synthetic In-Mold Label substrates allow the freedom to create bottles of any design or shape and come in a Yupo Sustainable option for significant source reduction.

For extensive capabilities in both commercial printing and packaging one needed to look no further than Packaging That Fits, Saint Paul, MN. Some of their environmental initiatives include applying 60 percent of their facility’s energy bill toward alternative energy sources and saving over 3.6 million pounds of corrugate.

Multifilm Packaging, Elgin, IL, has a newly installed Geothermal Process Cooling & HVAC System, which makes it one of the least energy-consuming converters around. All of the products from this fully integrated manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions for the food, beverage, and confectionery industries, are FDA approved and completely free of BPA and lead. The company specializes in piece wraps for confections and high-barrier laminates. Products include twist wraps, flow wraps, bag and pouch film, both single web and laminates, in markets including confections, snack foods, dry foods, coffee, powders, and a variety of other applications.


Global Tissue Group’s g3 initiative encourages the community to Go Globally Green.

Owens-Illinois (O-I) partnered with specialty soup maker Bookbinder Specialties, as the company introduces its new line of all-natural, gourmet vegetable soups packaged in glass.

CHEP, Orlando, FL, issues, collects, conditions and reissues more than 300 million pallets and containers and had some exciting news at the show. Brambles Limited, the parent company of CHEP, announced the planned acquisition of IFCO SYSTEMS, NV, a leading provider of reusable plastic containers (RPCs) in 23 countries, and pallet management services in the USA. The transaction will enhance Brambles’ position as a global leader in pooling solutions, creating an entity with sales revenue of approximately US$5 billion. The scale of the transaction requires review from the applicable regulatory authorities. Once approved, the transaction would create an entity with sales revenue of approximately US$5 billion, of which more than US$4 billion would come from pooling and pallet services. The Brambles group would have more than 16,000 employees, working in 49 countries across six continents under the CHEP, IFCO, Recall, LeanLogistics and Unitpool brands.

Gilbreth, Croydon, PA, pioneered the shrink sleeve market over 40 years ago and professionally prints Heat Shrink Sleeve labels using rotogravure printing in up to 10 colors, or flexo printing in up to 7 colors. Small to large quantity label runs are handled with ease. Some interesting innovations include olfactory effects (scented labels, scratch-n-sniff), eye catching spectral effects such as color shifting ink, and light-barrier shrink film sleeves which provide up to 99% UV and visible light-blocking product protection.

IGPS, Orlando, FL, operates the world’s first pallet rental service providing all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags. In October it opened a new 8,000 square foot National Sales and Innovation Center in Northwest Arkansas. To complement the displays and exhibits at its National Sales and Innovation Center, iGPS launched a new feature on its web site that displays a running total of cost savings its customers have realized by switching from wood pallets to iGPS’ plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags.

Performance Packaging of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, provides an array of packaging materials, which can be custom converted to client’s specifications. One of the many options they have is the stand-up pouch, which offers packaging source reduction, reduced transportation costs, and better shelf appeal. New custom printed straw pouches have pre-inserted straws and The Best Bag is an attractive and convenient way to offer re-usable shopping bags and reduce waste going to landfills.

IMC Licensing, Louisville, KY, leads the industry with its focused approach to brand-building through licensing. The company helps brand owners and manufacturers turn the world’s best brands into great new products. Passionate and curious about branded products, IMC’s team loves surprising clients with new ideas and consumers with great new products.

CBX, New York, NY, Strategic Branding is an independent, full-service branding firm. The company presented a workshop during PLMA, “How Strategy Creates Store Brands: Case Study of Duane Reade,” which gave an insightful look into how branding completely transformed Duane Reade from a store to a store brand destination. CBX offers a range of services that cover virtually all aspects of brand expression, from start to finish.

FASTechnology Group, Glen Carbon, IL, plans to transform the way shoppers select their purchases with what they call retail-ready personalized packaging. The company presented at the show ways that micro targeting can give the retailer a better response. Fast Technology can offer variable print technology and QR codes that can track not only the customer’s responses, but also what store they are responding from. This allows the retailer to find out exactly whom their message resonates with.

At PLMA Swisslog Logistics, Inc., Newport News, VA showcased a video, which demonstrated how Swisslog’s solutions optimize customers’ production, logistics and distribution processes in order to increase flexibility, responsiveness and quality of service while minimizing logistics costs. Swisslog is a global supplier of integrated logistics solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of services. These services range from building complex warehouses and distribution centers to in-house logistics solutions for hospitals.

At Specialized Technology Resources, Enfield, CT, employees help ensure the safety, quality, and social responsibility client’s products at every stage of the supply chain, from drawing board to point of sale. STR’s Quality Assurance division presented a seminar at the PLMA Trade Show to help retailers expand their store brands, build customer loyalty, and grow market share by developing innovative products.

Shikatani Lacroix Design, Ontario, Canada, offers packaging design service, branding and research. The company offered a presentation at PLMA, “Blink Factor: Owning the Moment of Decision,” which examined a process of better understanding how consumers connect with brands and which elements of your package design should be better leveraged. The seminar can be downloaded form their website.

Avery Dennison, Pasadena, CA, develops, manufactures and sells products through four groups of businesses: Pressure-sensitive Materials, Retail Information Services, Office and Consumer Products and other specialty converting businesses. The Company’s products include pressure-sensitive labeling materials; graphics imaging media; retail apparel ticketing and branding systems; RFID inlays and tags; office products; specialty tapes; and a variety of specialized labels for automotive, industrial and durable goods applications.

Aerofil Technology Inc., Sullivan MO, America’s resource for custom packaging, and liquid and aerosol filling, has experienced increase in productivity and double-digit inventory turns, while making a difference to its customers by driving supply chain-wide value due to its bold new direction of Lean Manufacturing. ATI is making huge strides in the industry by adopting the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS), which focuses on streamlining the production process through the total elimination of waste and improvement of overall customer value. Aerofil’s lean manufacturing has taken lead times down from six weeks to three days, creating a benchmark for the industry. The company has also launched a new website.

Hospeco, Cleveland, OH, currently markets a complete line of Protective Apparel through its commercial distribution division for sale into the safety market and is introducing a complete line of disposable gloves – latex, nitrile, vinyl, and disposable masks – N95 for private label. Hospeco is also upgrading their bladder control product line to follow the changes made by the national brand and is introducing a male guard for private label. Hospital Specialty is expanding their product line to include new individually wrapped Thin Pantiliners and is offering to individually wrap all of the liners they offer for private label as an added feature.

Royal Paper, Los Angeles, CA, offers a complete line of Sanitary Paper Products including 1 & 2 Ply Bath Tissue, Kitchen Roll Towel, Napkins, and Facial Tissue. They also provide fully integrated and environment friendly paper programs.

Presto Products Company, Appleton, WI, a leading supplier of storage bags, disposer bags, containers and plastic wrap, offers eco-friendly products too. Its 128-oz. Storage Container is BPA-free and was on display in the New Products EXPO at the show.

U.S. Nonwovens Corp., Brentwood, NY, is the one stop source for all your cares. Its products cover many categories in personal and home care. Its multi-product matrix has many benefits. Building full truckloads is a great way to save money, as well as add variety with niche items and lower our impact on the planet

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