Deadline Extended! Top Women in Store Brands 2022

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The 2022 Top Women in Store Brands nomination process is now open.

Now in its 10th year, the awards program was established by Women Impacting Storebrand Excellence (WISE), a nonprofit professional development organization, and Store Brands.

The deadline has been extended to Friday, August 5. Nominations may be submitted by filling out the embedded form below.

The awards celebrate contributions made by women from all areas of the North American store brands industry. WISE and Store Brands will present a total of nine awards during the WISE Annual Meeting in November.

Here's a look at the 2021 honorees.

WISE and Store Brands have established award categories that provide women from all disciplines with the opportunity to be recognized for their achievements. Managers, co-workers, peers, customers and other industry professionals are encouraged to nominate women in one of nine categories:

Functional Expertise: Awarded to women who have made significant professional contributions to their company and/or the store brands industry through their accomplishments in a specific function or area of expertise. Six awards of this type will be given, including 1) R&D/QA; 2) Supply Chain/Procurement; 3) Operations; 4) Sales; 5) Marketing/Merchandising; and 6) Corporate Services (Human Resources, Information Services or Finance). The award is based on accomplishments from June 2021 through May 2022.

Sparkplug: Awarded to a woman who is new to store brands (one to five years) and has already made a noticeable impact via professional achievements and personal influence for her company, colleagues, customers and/or the industry. Open to all functional areas and based on accomplishments from June 2021 through May 2022.

Innovation: Awarded to a woman who has brought game-changing innovation to her company and/or the store brands industry through the introduction of new products, packaging, technology, merchandising, programs, systems, processes, etc. Open to all functional areas and based on accomplishments from June 2021 through May 2022.

Lifetime Achievement: Awarded to a woman who has spent the majority of her career in store brands and has “made her mark” through professional achievements, as well as personal contributions to her employer(s), colleagues, community and the industry. Open to all functional areas and based on accomplishments throughout her career.

DEI Award: WISE is pleased to announce that with this year's 10th Anniversary of the Top Women In Store Brands Awards, we are adding a new award that honors the work of a company for excellence in advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) across their organization.

This award will recognize a company that has:

  • Demonstrated sustained efforts toward advancing diversity, equity and inclusion across the workplace.
  • Built successful DEI related programs, policies or initiatives that positively impacts the employees of the company.
  • Created, promoted and maintained diversity and inclusion by establishing an environment that recognizes, encourages and effectively utilizes each individual's talents. 
  • Promotion and fostering of diversity programs such as mentoring, support networks, internship programs, co-op programs, work study, diversity training, or other opportunities.
  • Development of management accountability/tracking methods as means of quantifying the impact of the efforts to increase and maintain diversity.


Please submit one form per nominee. For multiple nominations, please submit multiple forms.

If you have any questions, please email Store Brands’ Executive Editor Greg Sleter at [email protected] or WISE at [email protected]


Q: How will the Top Women in Store Brands award recipients be selected?
A: A joint committee made up of select members of WISE and team members from Store Brands will carefully evaluate each nomination to determine the most deserving candidates.

Q: When will the award recipients be selected and notified?
A: The award recipients will be selected in August and notified shortly thereafter.

Q: How will the award recipients be honored?
A: The 2022 award recipients will be honored during the WISE annual meeting held in November, and also will be profiled in a special report that will appear in an issue of Store Brands. In addition, each honoree will receive a special commemorative plaque.

Q: If I nominate someone for an award, will the information/commentary I provide on the nomination form be used within the feature article honoring the award recipients
A: Yes. By submitting a nomination, you agree to allow your commentary about the nominee to be used within the feature article, should your nominee be selected as a Top Women in Store Brands honoree.

Q: If I nominate someone for an award, will someone from Store Brands or WISE be contacting me?
A: Possibly. If we need additional information or clarification, we will contact you.

Q: May I nominate a WISE board member or a member of the Store Brands staff?
A: No. WISE board members and Store Brands staff are not eligible for recognition.

Q: Do the nominees have to be members of WISE?
A: No. Any woman who is involved in the store brand industry may be nominated.